Indie Author Services at Great Prices

We help indie authors put their best book forward, one page at a time.

As an indie author, you have a vision. You want to put your book out there for the world to see. You want it to be the best book it can be. And you want to find great indie author services for the best prices.

Azira Editorial Services is here to help indie authors realize their vision.

We can help you with every step of the book development process, from organizing your story, to book design, to finding a printer.

If you need some assistance planning and organizing your book, ask about our developmental editing services. If you already have completed a rough draft and need help in the revision process, ask about our content editing services. If you’re finished with your book, let us provide you with all-important copyediting & proofreading services before you send it off for publication.

We can also format your book for the printer or publisher of your choice and help you upload your book to an eBook publishing service.

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